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Crazy Fun | Le Blanc Photo Booth


the most elegant and fun design. Period.

Our setup is an open-air style booth that adapts easily to almost any place making things easier and extra flexible for your location managers and event planners. But the way our booth looks is only the beginning - make sure to click through some of our images and see for yourself.


modern open-air style booth

We have an incredible setup that includes a beautiful and easy-to-use interface with stunning backdrops, fun props, the option to go digital, instant printed images, animated GIFs, green screen, and social media sharing. All this accompanied with the attention of a friendly and professional photo booth manager. Click to expand.


Luxe Backdrops

Choose from any of our

beautiful hand-picked backdrops


Add that extra personal touch to your booth. Offer your guests the look you want, no matter the event, no matter the occasion. And make sure to keep an eye at our collection because we are constantly adding new designs.



Social Media Sharing Station | Le Blanc Booth

Ahh... technology!

With an ever-growing number of websites and applications enabling people to share content around the globe, interacting instantly is a MUST for every event! Le Blanc Photo Booth allows you to share your images via Facebook, Twitter, Text, E-mail, and more with a beautiful, modern, and elegant social media sharing station.

Social Media Integration | Le Blanc Photo Booth
Sharing Station | Le Blanc Photo Booth
Social Media Capabilities | Le Blanc Photo Booth

Party Props

A booth is just a booth without the props

What's your heart's desire? Do you think your guests would enjoy the classic wedding package with funny sayin's, and Mardi Gras masks? Or do you want to have a super fun event and bring out the super-hero in everyone in attendance? No matter what your party's needs are, we've got you covered! Here's a glimpse into a few of the props we provide.


"GIF" Me Some

Did you know the technical name is Graphics Interchange Format?

Just think how much fun it is to get together with your friends and loved ones to simply goof around for a bit. Make sure to add this option to your booth and "GIF" your guests some love. Set your event apart from the rest and make everyone talk about it for weeks. These awesome little animated pictures are pretty addicting after all.



Our Guest Books are


Made of durable Baltic birch, each wooden surface is stained and engraved individually to make each creation unique in it's own way. The stains are water resistant which is a plus for busy weddings and events. Each book is approximately 8.5x11 and holds 120 strips. Please inquire for options.


Your Own DeSigns

Let us brand your event by personalizing the background, font, color, size, and overall layout for either your traditional 2x6 strips or 4x6 prints. Make sure to inquire for our design options.